I NEED to just do it

I love spending time with my family. Especially as summer is winding down. Maybe it’s because I’m finally figuring out how to function a bit better. I find myself just enjoying the days and evenings more just hanging with my family.


I have to. It’s something I am not good at. I drop everything for my family and hardly ask for anything in return. As do most moms I know. I know growing up, my mom definitely put herself last. And now it’s my turn.

I laid in bed putting my son to sleep last night and came up with this whole blog in my head. About why we really don’t put ourselves first? And it was done in quiet. And I could think. It was a wonderful post friends. I just couldn’t get it onto the computer fast enough. It was inspiring and thoughtful and full of hope for all you overwhelmed ladies.

Ha. So I sit down to put it all down on her and my brain has gone blank. I’ve got both kids on the floor right now screaming b/c ipads have been taken away. Sissy has also stolen Brothers spy goggles and refuses to give them back and she may “ruin them”… although he had stuffed them in the crevices of the couch. And since we all still have a fun cold- the snot being wiped across their faces is just nasty. And poor baby… she’s just staring at this nonsense. I wish I could read her mind. I wonder if she feels hopeless looking around at this madhouse. She’s so good. God knew I needed her. She is my sanity. And while we are in meltdown central, I’m making a mental list.

Reschedule some appointments.

Fix the vacuum.

Make a list for our family get together this weekend.

Get my ass up and get me coffee.

Should I even attempt the grocery store today?

Ugh friends. It was such a glorious post. And like every serene moment of sanity these days it is fleeting. And now you’re left with this.. But we need to make time for ourselves. I need it. You need it. Just doing what you love. Even if it’s just 5 minutes and you have to let your kids scream for those 5 minutes. I mean- it’s not going to hurt them. And as long as they are safely screaming I will take this 5 minutes and rant about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AND EVERYTHING. All while typing in circles and hope you all understand.

4 hours until nap time.. maybe then?

Cheers friends.



A coffee mug says it all

Well- I’m starting it again. I haven’t blogged in 4 years and oh how things have changed. In the last blog, B was 7 months. Now he will be 5 in a few short months. And we’ve added 2 little girls. So busy is an understatement. And in true form- I have about 4 minutes to finish this. So to all my mommy friends who feel they are being pulled in so many different directions and they don’t know how to handle it: grab a coffee cup. We all know we are trying to down it before it goes cold and we have to reheat it 10 times. But splurge at Hobby Lobby or wherever and get the cute coffee cup with whatever saying or cute kitten on it. Grab it b/c that is our life line right now. And in the morning- without looking just grab one from the cabinet and pour. Be surprised and have that be your attitude for the day.

Until next time..

ps. My coffee cup is not microwavable. Why??

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