Blog Hiatus?

Hi friends. Or now strangers…. last time I posted, summer was winding down. Ha and now we are gearing up for summer. But first I need to make it through baseball season. Oh baseball season. Or the season where my kids never sleep. But I do have the cutest baseball player, so I shall not complain. Well not too much. At least right now.

Lets see… lets catch up over the past 10 or so months….

  • R is one. When did this happen? Well over spring break. BUT time. It’s going so fast and I can’t keep up. It makes me sooooo sad b/c I just can’t keep up with how fast it is going.
  • E started dance. And she may be the cutest ballerina EVER. End of story.
  • B is in baseball right now. And wants to play flag football in the fall. And is going into kindegarten in the fall. And he recently just got a haircut and I swear he grew a foot afterwards. I am a hot hot mess with how fast time is going.
  • OHHHHHH I dealt with bullying this year for the first time. Preschoolers guys. It starts this early. Absolutely broke my heart. And where are the parents? Well I’m sure you can find them where all the parents who stick their heads in the sand hang. Ugh. Come on parents. Get with it. I mean I know we are all trying, but the world is harsh enough without making preschoolers mean. And to be honest, we are still dealing with it. Apparently my kiddo wants that affirmation sooooo bad from them. Any NICE advice is always welcome. But no jackwagon comments please.
  • We are doing some home renovations. Thats fun. And by fun I mean I really enjoy the passive aggressive comments my husband and I tend to say to each other. In all honesty, they are pretty funny in retrospect. Ha but not at the time. And it’s going to look AMAZING when it’s done. Give it like 4 years…….. b/c I’m still waiting for him to finish painting the kitchen and fireplace. I mean it’s only been 2.5 years.
  • Oh a little late to the game, but I found out about 2 buck chucks at Trader Joes. End of story there.
  • I still love my coffee. Probably too much.
  • I’m starting a little shop selling shirts.. so hopefully that works out.
  • Speaking of working out- I still have intentions of doing so. But now I’m eating healthier. Which makes me only love cake and cheese more. And I think I’m in a perpetual state of hangry.

Basically life is just truckin’ on like the norm. We are still incredibly blessed and happy for the most part. My personal goal is to really start making time to do this. I enjoy talking in circles with yall. Well now it’s lunch time and I have to go feed my monsters. But much love ya’ll. Until next time…..



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