A coffee mug says it all

Well- I’m starting it again. I haven’t blogged in 4 years and oh how things have changed. In the last blog, B was 7 months. Now he will be 5 in a few short months. And we’ve added 2 little girls. So busy is an understatement. And in true form- I have about 4 minutes to finish this. So to all my mommy friends who feel they are being pulled in so many different directions and they don’t know how to handle it: grab a coffee cup. We all know we are trying to down it before it goes cold and we have to reheat it 10 times. But splurge at Hobby Lobby or wherever and get the cute coffee cup with whatever saying or cute kitten on it. Grab it b/c that is our life line right now. And in the morning- without looking just grab one from the cabinet and pour. Be surprised and have that be your attitude for the day.

Until next time..

ps. My coffee cup is not microwavable. Why??



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